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are we gonna pretend that obama didnt flash up on the screen

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did harry just sing his entire little things verse staring directly at louis or

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if you say this wasnt your favorite video back in the fetus days then youre lying

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"but i don’t care, i’m not scared of love" oh look louis is tired of that fic trope too

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Louis Tomlinson in red
Louis Tomlinson in blue
Louis Tomlinson in a blazer
Louis Tomlinson in a turtleneck
Louis Tomlinson in a t-shirt
Louis Tomlinson in sweats
Louis Tomlinson in nothing
Louis Tomlinson in Harry Styles

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things i will never get over

  • niall violently masturbating
  • zayn saying malabami
  • liam taking a bunch of photo booth pictures that one time and posting them on twitter
  • the acoustic video of wmyb where you can hear louis owning the entire chorus
  • harry

harry falling at the gay gig 

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Go Niall! Takin’ the craic with ya! x

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